Satoshi Face nft

We present to you Satoshi Face, it is a collection of 3333 NFTS representing Satoshi Nakamoto who is the creator of Bitcoin, our collection was created on a graphics tablet by a legendary artist named Hasher.sol, this collection has 350 different traits, wich ensures a rarity for each NFT, they are also utility NFTS, owning an NFTS Satoshi Face gives you VIP acces to the discord server and allows you to the benefit from the advantages and tools reserved for the owner of these NFTs, this collection will be engraved on the Solana blockchain, but it does not stop there, a quantity of these NFTs will also be minted on the Bitcoin blockchain !


☆ phase 1: Twitter launch | discord | website

☆ phase 2: airdrop mini limited collection | Raffle whitelist satoshi face

☆ phase 3: mint satoshi face phase 4: reveal satoshi face

☆ phase 5: creation ordinal & creation token

☆ phase 6: creation stacking nft

☆ phase 7: airdrop token

☆ phase 8: reveal utility web3 / bot discord / website utility

☆ phase 9: unexpected surprise

☆ phase 10 : 3rd limited edition collection

☆ the 3 collections will be available for stacking

☆ the 3 collections will give access to different uses



We are developing our native token, it will be used for our economy, we will make an airdrop to the NFT holder, our token will be placed on hold, a pool will be created to stake and earn even more, an NFT stacking system will reward the holders, our bot This will rent and sell against this token, which will give value to our token.



We guarantee the deployment of 500 Satoshi Face NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, these NFTs will be deployed according to various criteria within the community, activity, support, role and competition, we will remain engraved for life on the web3!



We are developing a bot signal/tracker NFT Solana, entry sniper, wallet tracker, coin tracker, paperhandslisting, new coin, we also have access to several web3 bots that we will make available to our holders, our objective is to help our holders to increase their bag.



how to join the community?

To join the community, simply join us on our discord server, do the verification and you will be welcomed by our staff and our members, the links of our networks are available on our site!

How to get a whitelist ?

To get a whitelist, you can win a place by participating in a subber competition! a simpler way is to communicate on our chat and increase the xp levels by chatting, you can obtain several roles depending on your xp: og, wl, supreme og, we invite you to come and participate in our community discussions!

where and how to mint our nft?

The links of the mint site will be announced on our discord server, to mint our NFTs you will need Solana Token, the recommended wallet is: Phantom, it is available on mobile and in Google Chrome extension, you can also buy Solana from Phantom.

How to get an Ordinal?

Nft Ordinal Bitcoin will be awarded to the holder and active member who actively supports the community, if there were to be more than 500 NFT Ordinal to be minted we could make arrangements to satisfy our members.

What additional utility?

Additional utilities will appear such as signal pmp crypto and signal pump NFT, other very powerful utilities remain secret and will be revealed to our members, only those who have followed us will be happy and lucky to access these tools which frequently increase the price of our collections!

how will the native token be financed?

Our Token will be largely financed by a company specializing in the development of AI automation tools on the web3, other entities could join us we are in the middle of collaboration/negotiation work
















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